STACKNZ - July 2014 Issue #53
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Last Update: JULY 2014

I know it’s only rock and roll, but it’s what we’ve chosen to do with our lives,” says Jon Toogood of Shihad’s brilliant new album Fvey, which is out on August 8. You can read the full interview in the August edition of STACK, but in the meantime there is still time to enter a fantastic JB Hi-Fi pre-order competition for the album. Place an order for Fvey before 5pm, August 7, and you will go into draw to win a Sherwood PM-9805 Turntable, plus a very rare signed vinyl test pressing of the album – only three exist in the world!

The latest print edition of STACK is due in-store at JB Hi-Fi on August 8 and includes features on key new releases such as The Amazing Spider-man 2: Rise Of Electro, Noah and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, plus interviews with Kimbra and Angus & Julia Stone. And don’t forget the digital edition – now available both for Android and iOS jusers – will be out in the same day and as usual will include a wealth of exclusive content. 





Game of the Month: Mario Kart 8

In the world of kart racers, Mario Kart is the only title that has withstood the test of time. It’s not hard to see why, and it’s impossible to miss when you get your hands and eyes on Mario Kart 8....


DVD:BLU [Latest Reviews]

Dancing On The Edge

Playwright and filmmaker Stephen Poliakoff, the award-winning writer behind modern BBC classics... more»

Nashville: The First Season - Part One

Don’t let the country music setting put off you off – first and foremost, this is a juicy drama,... more»

Cuban Fury

Nick Frost, the most likeable of comedy stars, gets the chance to dance his way to romance in this... more»


Grid Autosport

If you’re a revhead and a gamer, you’re spoiled for choice. Much like actual racing, competition... more»

Sniper Elite III

War is hell – just ask Karl Fairburne.  Yep, the crack American sharpshooter is still battling on... more»

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies

When the intricately detailed WWII RTS Company of Heroes 2 finally hit last year, it gave long-... more»


Angus and Julia Stone

“If I ever, ever did stray,” Angus Stone sings in Get Home, “would you come back, come back to me... more»


Overkill are deserving of the praise they continue to receive after three decades.  They work hard... more»


Morrissey is quite a towering figure in popular culture, with an influence on contemporary music... more»

DVD:BLU [Latest Features]

Pedal To The Metal

Director Scott Waugh on his NEED FOR SPEED. The big screen version of the hit video game Need For... more»

Modern Prometheus

To writer/director STUART BEATTIE, I, Frankenstein is the story of how the infamous movie monster... more»

A World Of Cinema

STACK’s guide to this year’s New Zealand Film Festival, which kicks off in Auckland this week. The... more»


E3 2014: Microsoft

Xbox in overdrive. Pre-show, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer went on record saying this year, E3 would... more»

E3 2014: Sony Computer Entertainment

What’s in store for PS4? While it was always going to be impossible to upstage the Sony E3 2013... more»

E3 2014: The Round-Up

Best of the rest. There were several titles at this year’s E3 that attendees flagged as must-see... more»


The Hoarse Whisperer

Graham Reid on the quiet genius of rock J.J. Cale. I came to the late J.J. Cale rather late. Sure... more»

The Essentials: Midnight Oil

How to buy the impassioned and iconic Australian rockers. Midnight Oil’s genesis lies in the early... more»

When they were Fab

Giles Martin, son of legendary Beatles producer George Martin, explains why A HARD DAY’S NIGHT has... more»