STACKNZ - April 2014 Issue #50 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
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Last Update: APRIL 2014

While his new album is called The Nihilist, Liam Finn sees himself more as an “extreme skeptic”. But there is no need for skepticism about just how good his third solo LP is and this week on the website we’ve uploaded our full Q&A with the younger Finn, just one of the many online and digital exclusives available through STACK this month. This week, we also catch a quick word with the Band Of Skulls, while our April iPad exclusives include an interview with hilarious hair rockers Steel Panther.

In addition, our digital edition includes an interview with Sherlock himself Benedict Cumberbatch and an additional fun feature on the Disney smash Frozen, plus a chance to win a copy of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. So if you have got an iPhone or an iPad, make sure you download the STACK app today!

Dark Souls II

Game of the Month: Dark Souls II

There is no shame in masochism, or to find sweet, sweet release in being continually broken down as you are denied your end-goal at every step. For gamers, there are only a handful of titles that can provide this ordeal, this challenge, and only one of them makes you feel like a god when you come out the other end...


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Birds Of Satan

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Architecture in Helsinki

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Born on the Bayou

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A Brief History of LEGO Games

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The Greatest Show On Earth Producer

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Take A World Online

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The Future is Now

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Thinking Big

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Neurotic World

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